diving koh tao

LBD is a multi language diving school that caters to all of your needs underwater and above land.

The staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable, it's all about having fun whilst always operating in a safe and considerate manner.

LBD - Diving@KohTao offers fun dives for the divers and the following courses; Refresher, Try Dives, Open Water, Advanced, Rescue and First Aid, Specialties, Divemaster and Instructor.

As a professional school we provide a full equipment on each dive you undertake. We know the importance of having a gear clean and in good quality.
We also want to name our boat, as it is one of the best in the island! We got a full equipped boat with three floors, a dry area, a sundeck, a kitchen where we make breakfast and showers! A boat prepared explicitly for diving!
There is no greater feeling than diving with a group of people who have such a great knowledge and understanding of SCUBA diving and the ocean!

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