diving koh tao

We have new equipment purchased in 2014.


* High flow, high performance breathing gas. This first stage provides a great amount of gas for all technical and wide range diving.
* Ready to be used with high concentrations of oxygen


* Design that makes the rubber adapt to 90% of the face
* Allows good vision as the glass is very close to the eyes
* Featuring Anti Fogging

Aluminuim tank

* Lightweight
* Safe
* Have passed all the security checks


* Fin surface: made ​​of polyurethane. The flexibility of the blade does not change with time, even by intensive use. Great speed with little effort. Excellent channelling of water. No skidding. Inclined axis relative to the leg to reduce the possibility of cramps
* Design: Fin surface fibre extends under the foot pockets almost all the way to the heel to avoid foot flexing, which can cause cramps
* Foot pockets: large and super – flexible

Wet Suit

* 3 mm
* Interior and exterior lined with Nylon
* Flat seams for comfort of movement
* Smooth inner elastic neoprene collar with Velcro straps


* Exterior Material: 1000 Denier threading
* Internal Material: 420 Denier Nylon
* Two large side pockets with zippers that allow the diver to carry even bulky objects and accessories
* Semi-rigid back surface with minimum thickness to make it lighter. It also contains padding.
* 3 dump air valves, two at the top and one at the bottom with a handles
* 4 Nylon D rings (accessory holders)