diving koh tao

Do you need more excuses to decide to dive?

We give you 20! Hopefully when you come you will verify that there are many more .


Diving has no boundaries; it is a sport for everyone. Open the door to the wonders of the underwater world.


Become a privileged person. You will have the opportunity to realize a dream pursued by people for centuries throughout the history of mankind: breathe underwater and discover the treasures of the ocean.


And where better to do it than in this new diving Mecca: Koh Tao.


Koh Tao has over 30 dive sites.


Amazing marine life, great visibility, zero current, ideal water temperature (30 º).


The team at La Bombona Diving – Cafe has been diving on Koh Tao since 2008, so they will help you to enjoy the island in and off the water.


For easy access when you arrive on the island, we are at a 3-minute walk distance from the pier .


Live new experiences. Challenge your limits with the help of companions who will become your friends.


We have new, comfortable, cosy and functional facilities with everything you need to enjoy your diving experience.


One of the best boat in the island.


And since we are a professional and serious school, we have fully equipped classrooms and teaching materials necessary so your learning will be proper, comfortable and fun.


We offer help to find your place (accommodation included ussually means basic accommodation, we let you make your choice!)


All courses have the SSI guarantee and international validity.


If you are one of those people who easily make friends around the world, you can share your experience with them. We have courses in several languages.


Courses for all levels, it doesn’t matter if you have never dived before or you are already an expert . We have the perfect experience for you.


But there is more to Koh Tao than diving ! At la Bombona Diving – Cafe we want you to enjoy the best the island has to offer, the diving , without missing the best of our home made cuisine .


Between dives you can enjoy a healthy burguer.


There are cosy areas to share the day’s experiences with everyone around you .


And you can keep in touch with those far away with our free WIFI available to all customers.


And the last reason is more for us than for you … You will come back to visit!