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The dive master or professional level

At last you have decided to take a plunge into the dive master. At LBD – La Bombona Diving you will have 6 to 8 weeks’ tuition that you will never forget.

Our instructors will share with you all the knowledge, techniques and skills needed to lead your dives yourself for certified divers.
Furthermore, since to become a Divemaster you need at least 40 dives, at La Bombona Diving – Cafe you will enjoy unlimited dives.


curso divermaster koh tao

The course includes

  • Diving insurance.
  • Complete diving equipment.
  • Educational materials.
  • Instructor.
  • Length: 6 to 8 weeks
  • Max. Depth of 40 metres.
  • International Certification
  • Snacks on the boat.


You are going to have a lot of fun with us in these three months, but we promise you will have to work hard to get your certification and you have to be a good professional.

Your training will include an academic part comprising:
Decompression theory | Physics of Diving | Dive gear | Physiology | Environment

You will also participate in workshops where you will widen your knowledge of:

Knots | Mapping | Underwater navigation | Emergency plan | Skill circuit | Client guide

As part of your training you will also assist in courses with actual students and you will have to undertake physical tests to make sure you are ready to be a good Divemaster.

Become a professional who is completely competent.


35.000 baht (crew pack included)

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