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UV Night Diving ?

Stars, lights, colours… action!

If you thought night diving was a magical experience, you will be amazed by our proposal: Immerse yourself in a dream of colours and lights!

Our waters have always been a magnet for divers from around the planet for many reasons, but now there is a new light on the horizon that will make you fly… UV Night Diving!

Imagine yourself suspended in a kingdom with neon signs amongst corals and creatures that glow in the dark, like in the best night scene of the film Avatar.

In UV Night Diving we live these kind of display with our own eyes. On a UV Night Dive, also known as Fluo Night, we dive down donning special Ultra Violet lights, which combined with a special visor allows you to see the underwater fluorescence. You have to try it!

Not only will the corals surrounding you glow with a spectrum of shinny coloured lights, but so will the marine life. Eels, Crabs and small prawns or yellow fish and scorpion fish will be seen full of shinny fluorescent shimmer. ¡Multi-coloured magic!




Live the UV Night Diving experience with us, brought to you by UV Dive Koh Tao and nighttime will never be the same!