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Lighthouse Bay

It is located at the northeast end of Koh Tao and is named after the small lighthouse that takes pride in the high cliffs of the bays. The coral at Lighthouse Bay is magnificent with some of the best table coral that the island offers. The numerous staghorn corals and large barrel sponges provide the smallest reef fish with a habitat to thrive on. There are a lot of Christmas tree worms. The Parrotfish and the Red Breasted Wrasse rush around the sand in search of food. The amazing Longfin bannerfish swims in pairs, while the beautiful angelfish and butterfly fish are added to the reef to make it look like a day of god as if you were diving into an aquarium.

Lighthouse has magnificent anemones with its living pink clown fish, hidden from potential predators. In shallow waters it is very common to see schools of Yellowtail Barracuda swimming slowly in circles around the top of corals.

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