diving koh tao

Our passion: diving.

Our motivation: share it with you.


What if we take the first step to become autonomous divers together?

The open water course gives you the opportunity to get your diver certification in three and a half days. By the hand of professional instructors you will get all training and experience that’s required. When you get your open water certificate you can dive up to 18 meters!

LBD offers you the course with insurance included. We try to make the experience as personalized as possible with groups no bigger than four people per instructor. And if you want even more… try our Advanced Adventure Course!


Let’s see how the days will go on:

open water

Day one: 

    • 16:00|  Orientation: We have to do some paperwork (not as boring as you think it is)

Day two:

    • 9:30  |  First theory of diving
    • 11:00 | We need to practice what we learned in the pool!

Day three:

    • 9:30  |  Last theory class
    • 11:00 | Here we go! Who wants some open water?

Day four:

    • 6:00  |  We go early to the water. Once your head gets out of the water, you are a certified diver!

Only La Bombona knows how to celebrate such an affair!


 The course includes: 

      • Complete diving equipment
      • Educational materials
      • Instructor
      • 1 pool session
      • 4 open water dives
      • Max. depth 18 meters
      • International certification
      • Snacks on the boat


11,000 baht


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